Type: Full Time | Location: Indianapolis, IN, Indiana | Job Posted on: 22 Mar 2021

Purpose of Position/Summary: Directs and coordinates patient care and clinical supervision of  Behavioral Health Recovery Attendants primarily on evening/night shift. Assumes responsibility for the ongoing assessment of each patient’s physical and psychosocial status from admission to discharge.  This position requires the performance of a full range of nursing care for patients with a wide range of medical diagnosis and varying degrees of illness. Promotes the institution mission of Hope and Recovery.

 Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

1.     Prioritizes and organizes the daily care of patients.

2.     Makes patient care assignments based upon specific patient needs.

3.     Provides ongoing assessment of the patients' physical and psychosocial status from admission to discharge.  

4.     Directs BHRAs to coordinate the workflow on the unit.  Recognizes and defines problems and takes corrective actions.

5.     Conducts nursing programs.

6.     Serves as a Treatment Plan Coordinator and develops treatment plans in collaboration with other clinical staff (evening shift).

7.     Administers medications and treatments according to institution policies and procedures.

8.     Develops and implements nursing care plans for acute medical problems.

9.     Works in collaboration with the unit ADON/Nurse 6/Nursing Supervisor to plan treatment and programs for the unit.

10.  Completes medication administration per policy.

11.  Completes monthly Nursing progress notes on assigned patients.

12.  Provides immediate and effective feedback to employees concerning behavior and performance.

13.  Works closely with the ADON, Nurse 6 and unit physician to provide quality care.

14.  Communicates with the ADON, Nurse 6 and physician on an ongoing basis to notify them of patient status.

15.  Educates patients and family members regarding medication, procedures and treatment goals and objectives.

16.  Serves as a patient advocate.

17.  Assures that staff follow institution and nursing policies and procedures correctly. Interprets policies and procedures to staff as needed.

18.  Carries out nursing care following NDI policies and procedures.

19.  Reponds to emergency situations. 

20.  Directs care/intervenes with agitated patients.

21.  Serves on Nursing and Hospital Committees as assigned.

22.  Provides orientation to unit staff as needed.

23.  Attends training as assigned and maintains certification in Bridge Building, CPR/AED professional rescuer, and TB. 

Job Requirements:

 Three (3) year’s experience in developmental disability, geriatric, or psychiatric nursing or accredited college training in Nursing. Possession of a valid Registered Nurse License issued by the Indiana Health Professions Bureau required. (Proof of valid license must accompany application.) Proficiency in computer skills and ability to learn other programs used in maintaining the electronic medical records.  Good interpersonal skills, good verbal and written communication skills.

Supervisory Responsibilities/Direct Reports:

Clinical supervision of  Behavioral Health Recovery Attendants.  Reports to the ADON and Nursing Supervisor.