BHRA CNA - Behavioral Health Attendant Certified Nursing AssistantAPPLY FOR JOB

Type: Full Time | Location: Indianapolis, IN, Indiana | Job Posted on: 23 Mar 2021


Accurately administers authorized medications and treatments. Conducts and assists with nursing programs as assigned. Performs a variety of tasks associated with the daily care and treatment of patients. Works under the clinical supervision of a licensed nurse to provide patient care, helping patients  meet their physical and emotional needs.

Essential Duties:

•Administers and documents authorized medications and treatments per hospital policies and procedures.

•Reports side effects of medications to RN.     

•Recognizes the potential need for a prn medication and reports the need to RN. 

•Follows controlled substance procedures.

•Carries out or assists with physical care of patients including bathing, feeding, taking vital signs, heights, weights and other activities of daily living as indicated.

•Maintains current CPR and Bridge Building certifications.

•Initiates and participates in therapeutic interventions by using principles of de-escalation, redirection and approved Bridge Building techniques for prevention and management of behavior.

•Escorts patients to and from therapies,and other areas of the hospital for treatment and programming.

•Escorts and/or drives patients to off-grounds appointments and activities.

•Observes patients’ physical condition and reports changes to the RN.

•Appropriately and accurately reports pertinent information, both verbal and written.

•Appropriately applies skills in psychosocial care of patients:   Encourages patients and interacts with them to socialize and participate in activities and programming.

•Serves as a role model for appropriate behavior to patients.   

•Demonstrates the ability to deal therapeutically with adverse behavior. 

•Recognizes psychiatric emergencies and intervenes appropriately.

•Participates in conducting active treatment programs.

•Provides care according to treatment plan objectives and goals.

•Observes and accurately documents on medical record and flow sheets, using proper format and terminology.

•Follows safety standards and precautions, policies, procedures and regulations.

•Safely demonstrates the ability to apply restraint/seclusion procedures per policy.

•Demonstrates consistent interactions and approaches with patients and co-workers, promoting dignity and respect. 

•Demonstrates the ability to set appropriate healthy boundaries and limitations according to individual treatment plans.

•Properly and consistently utilizes standard precautions. 

•Completes unit housekeeping duties as assigned/indicated.

•Serves on hospital committees and work groups as requested.

•Attends required hospital/department inservices.

Job Requirements:

High school diploma or GED and basic computer skills are required. Maintain current CPR and Bridge Building certification.

BHRA's assist with direct patient care and other activities of daily living, therapeutically interacting with patients, providing active treatment, escorting patients to programs and appointments, and providing for the health and general welfare of patients, being mindful of their risk group.